“Are you MAD!” If you aren’t MAD then you ain’t moving any step further from where you’ve been all these years. Well, just so you know(isnt it obvious already) we at MADTHINKERS really are mad. I know what you’re thinking right now, ‘what’s all these fuss about being MAD anyway, ain’t it a bad thing to lose your sanity?. Well, now that depends on how you’re viewing the word MAD. We at MADTHINKERS are;
D-Dedicated.. to every single thing we do, that’s why we are MAD. Are you flabbergasted, at how the word MAD turned out to be something entirely different, don’t be, you too can be MAD or even STUPID (S-Secretly T-Turning U-Useful P-Potentials I-Into D-Diamonds, so if you hear someone say we’re stupid for no reason at all, you might wanna see it as we are secretly turning useful potentials into diamonds).
Now we are not telling you do foolish things as cause havoc and end up in jail, we here are gonna be pushing you to do things out of the box, Creativity at its peak, New ideas, Taking risks that’ll count, getting your Midas Touch(ability to turn things you touch to gold), that sort of thing.
So welcome aboard MADIAN, as we would be sharing with you creatively crazy tips that would help you use the best of your potentials and your environment. We are here to help you help yourself in all ramifications.
“Have you ever ran out of cooking gas? What did you do? Have you ever cooked a complete meal with candles?!!”. It’s crazy to think about, it’s out of the box, so it’s acceptable here, and also very possible. Always do share our posts, so so we can make the whole world MADTHINKERS together (don’t you think it’s stingy to be the only person MAD?).
C’mon part the world is going MAD (good mad of course) Let’s help you join them.

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