Hello people, the whole team at MADTHINKERS greet you. How’s your creativity level? How well do you manage work and home? Work and studies? We got stores of creatively smart tips that’ll help you with all those. Today we’ll like you to meet one of our Authors(he’s the youngest of them all). His name is Onojie (Jae) Japhet. Jae is a very passionate young teen, very ambitious and of course Mad. He’s virgo-just so you know(shout out to all Virgos ♍-you can signify if you’re a Virgo in the comments please). He has strategic thinking abilities, he is our creative author. He’ll be helping you manage your garbage-making useful things out of them creatively. He’s an Artist-still in school studying hard to get those grades. His ambition is to have his own Gallery and Art school. He’s also into music-another creative tip for controlling depression. He started to play the Guitar at age 11, he later got his own Guitar at age 13. He loves to play contemporary and country(his guitar’s name is Majesty-shout out to you if you play the guitar too, especially if you play country). There’s more too, he’s also into Graphics design(freelance basis) also a playwrighter and an actor, he runs his personal blog where he gives art tutorials and tips. He also knows a bit of web coding-just HTML and CSS-the basics really-but that’s a lot of things in one head, and only a MAD guy can learn all those stuffs. He’s also into 2d cartoons illustrations and textile design(tie-dye). Probably there’s a lot more he’s forgetting to tell, in forthcoming post we’ll be showing you more of our team here. You can follow Jae on Instagram. Attached to this post are some of his artworks, done in various mediums-oil, watercolor, pencils, pastels, charcoals, et cetera. Jae also plays football- he plays the defensive midfield role, very confident about it. He also plays table tennis and he’s also into track events. He’s no where near Basketball anyway. The next person you’ll be meeting in our team is actually a psycho, you’ll be getting to know them in forthcoming posts. But for now, what do you think about Jae Japhet, is he MAD enough, likes and comments please(virgos don’t forget to signify too). PEACE.✌✌✌.

3 thoughts on “GETTING TO MEET THE TEAM”

  1. Yea.I am a virgo.I appreciate meeting one now on your blog.

    Thanks for having two things in common with me—blogging and being a virgo.

    25th of August is my day.

    holla at you.

    Liked by 2 people

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