Good day everyone, How are things on your side? We’d like you to meet another member of our team, he’s our Editor(very tedious job he’s doing with us). He calls himself Blackbull( creepy name isn’t it?). He’s 5’11 ft, quite muscular too, tanned skin, and uses the glasses too-dont people say all Brilliant people use glasses,lol.

He’s a proud Libra ♎(shout out to you if you’re Libra too, you can always signify in the comments please). He’s been with us quite long, he has great reading and writing skills. His ambition is to become a successful writer and football analyst-he loves sport-hes into sprint 100m races and 200m races. Amongst all, he loves to play football. He plays the wing forward role very well, he’s also a die-hard Manchester United fan(shout out to all Man-U fans, please signify in the comments if you’re one).

Blackbull believes in putting his best at what he does, giving a try, taking a bold step. “I’m the greatest’ he usually say. He’s into singing and sports(football mostly). He backs his singing up with a little knowledge of the guitar(he knows a few chords and strum patterns). You can always follow him on Instagram and add him up on Facebook.

So that’s all there is to know about Blackbull, we still have more team mates to expose to you. I’m the mean time, what do you think about him..please stay in touch. Don’t forget to like and comment please-especially if you’re a Libra and Man-u fan… And very proud ones indeed.


5 thoughts on “GETTING TO MEET THE TEAM”

  1. I’m humbled to be a part of this great system.I’m positive there is greatness on the way.
    Be sure to watch as the Red Devils take on Sevilla in grand Old Trafford style today😅.

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