Good day people, Fareedah’s another member of our team we’d like you to meet. She does most of the writing on our blog.
Her full name is Fareedah Afolabi.An aspiring lawyer, a social nerd and an ambivert basically.

She loves and does fashion illustrations, reading and writing at leisure as well.
‘Art is life’ is a saying Fareedah is inclined with. Books and music are essential features of her wonderful persona.
She loves football too!..An ardent fan(proudly supports the Chelsea football club..shout to you Chelsea fans too, please comment if you’re one ๐Ÿ˜‰) but unfortunately a bad player!. I bet her legs will work more magic in a six-inch heel. She’s all shades of savagery(a pro in it) , eccentricism and gorgeousness and thinks weird is awesome.
This mind-blowing personality is encapsulated in the belief that moderation is key in all things, with exception of study of course. Faree as she is fondly called, tops her class.

You can follow her on Instagram and also add her up on Facebook.
That’s all about her.
Kindly comment and like especially if you’re a Chelsea fan and a proud Pisces too.

More to come!

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