Hey guys..we’ll be letting you meet another very proficient member of our team. Her name’s Emiloye Adeola Esther, proud Aries(shout out to you too if you’re Aries). She’s light skinned, tall, and slim(we think she should consider modelling sometimes).

She’s a lady with great ambition, one of which is to be a chartered accountant and a successful woman. She looks forward to impacting the world at large positively (madly, of course ;)). She’s a lady who can do anything in the world once she’s determined to do it. ‘I see myself as God’s baby’ she says often.

Deola is kind, cool, and could be taciturn sometimes (as calm as the morning sea). She loves singing, styling hair, and reading motivational books too. She plays the violin and chats at leisure. What d’you reckon, do you have a resemblance with her because of the things she does? Let us know in the comments section please.

You can follow her on Instagram and also add her up Facebook. So stay in touch please. (Aries don’t forget to comment please).

See y’all for now.

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